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Improving People


If you need to improve the capability of your team then our wide selection of Learning & Development tools could be exactly what you need to support you and your team on their journey.


Using a ‘Personal Development Plan’ approach with each team member you can create a meaningful way for them to scope out and chart their progress, whilst keeping their development and therefore your business results as a key focus.


The workshops below vary from small taster sessions to 2 day events, with content fully tailored to your business requirements ;

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  • Building Culture

  • Resilience in Change

  • Leadership in a modern world

  • Leading Teams

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Recruitment Skills

  • Customer Service

  • Understanding People Types

  • Continuous Improvement


  • Team Building

  • Influencing

  • Managing Conflict
  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Presenting with Confidence

  • Networking without nerves

  • Time Management

  • Effective Meetings

  • Assertiveness

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Development does not start and stop with workshops … if you or your team members would benefit from 1-2-1 mentoring or coaching we recognise this can be a very effective method, one which has been particularly successful for a number of our SME clients and has significantly helped to improve leadership skills and enhance capability.


Not only does this close working relationship support enhanced personal development, it also gives a confidential platform from which a team member can seek personal advice or support that they may not do in a group training situation. It can also give a better understanding of individual contribution relating to volume or pressure of work, whilst providing objective challenge of thinking, decision making and contribution to achievement of results.


Last but not least we can facilitate and enable your access to a great many tools and resources that can enhance your's and your team's understanding of each other, to help you interact better and build a more cohesive team. We can work with you individually or in small groups or as part of a team meeting or team build event.

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