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  • All organisations, large or small, generally face the same challenges and issues in managing and running their day to day business operation and their people. 

  • Larger organisations have both the finance and capacity to dedicate  teams of people with expertise to manage and deal with these HR, People and Operational challenges.

  • Smaller organisations do not have this 'luxury', yet these challenges and issues still require to be managed, taking away valuable management time from achieving key business goals

  This is where we come in !

Based in Scotland, Indigo BLACK is a Business Operation, People and HR Consultancy, taking a holistic approach and offering a comprehensive range of services.   

Our focus (see our team) is to support you, as small and medium sized organisations, resolve your Human Resources, Business Operation and People challenges, allowing you to separate 'what you want to do' from 'what you have to do', while helping you avoid the need to employ a permanent role.

Our services are designed to support your business needs, allowing you to free your time to focus on achieving your key business goals.

What makes us different from the rest ?


Being able to provide you with quality services that are specifically targeted to meet your needs, our many years of knowledge and experience (in both private and public sectors and across multiple business types) is what truly sets us apart. 


We do not see HR, People or Business as being separate.... far from it !!  In fact everything we do takes all these factors into account, thereby ensuring that what we offer is not only 'fit for purpose', but a service that is truly integrated in its method and application. 

  • we believe in building relationships, not just be a faceless contact

  • we want to get to know your business and team

  • we provide a more business comprehensive service, not just in HR

  • we offer dedicated support plus (optional) additional services

  • our solutions are bespoke, ensuring we meet your specific needs

  • we don't just apply the theory, we genuinely have 'walked the talk' ! 


Partner with us and we can bring the experience and expertise required to support your business and help you manage these challenges .... freeing up your own time to DO WHAT YOU DO BEST ! 

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